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Fall Senior Design Fellowship Recipients



     HyPlains Kinetics

Jim Bob Schell, Patrick Sullivan, Dan Anderson, Justin


EBaja - EORV


Christan Kaan

Localization and Path Finding of a Quad-Copter


Tyler Webber

Automatic Ammunition Reloading Press


     3AS Engineering

Ashley Bucsek, Alex Lindenstein, Anna Ohlschwager,

Steven Sundberg

Shaft Twist Detection Tool



Jonathan Schlotthauer, Luke Mollman, Kyle Purcell,

Sean Woodward

Hybrid Off-Road Vehicle


Integrated Drive Solutions

Mark Johnson, Spencer Miller, Justin Popp

Automotive Fuel Tank Tumbler-Drive and Ventilation System Design


Brandon Reavis

Aesthetic Electromechanical Chessboard


Zephyr Racing

Trevor Ross, Daniel Larsen, Josh Meeks, Kevin Toly

Wind-Powered Land Race Vehicle



     Cameron Mock and Zach Hamilton

Target Tracking System


Jeremy Siedschlag and Jonathan Stackhouse

Multipoint Tracker via GPS and Wireless Communication


     Jamie Comrie    Jamie Comrie 

Design of a Geologic Instrumentation

Summer of Innovation Website Design


    Mark Oxley and James Robeson

Wind and Solar Driven Electrolysis System



     Tyler Comte

Personal Thunderstorm Detector and Warning System


Quintin Davis

Microfluidic PCR with Electrowetting


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