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Wyoming Community College Transfer Scholarship Recipients


    Jessica Anson, Secondary Math Education, Western Wyoming Community College

Annette Hein, Geology/Math, Casper College

Ruth Law, Geology, Central Wyoming College

David Rach, Molecular Biology/Chemistry, Northwest Wyoming College

Vince Vogt, Engineering, Northwest Wyoming College

Tessa Woods, Pharmacy, Northern Wyoming Community College District


     Molly Bloodgood, Physiology/Pre-Med, Eastern Wyoming Community College

Shelby Brown, Math, Laramie County Community College

Robert Hawkes, Electrical Engineering, Western Wyoming Community College

Kyle Cox, Mechanical Engineering, Northwest Wyoming College

Ashtyn Kilpatrick, Microbiology, Laramie County Community College


     Daryl Andes, Computer Science, Casper College

McKenzie Danforth, Architectural Engineering, Casper College

Brent Forbis, Chemical Engineering, Northwest Wyoming College

Kayla Gandy, Molecular Biology, Western Wyoming Community College



JasonChristensen picture     Jason Christensen, Mechanical Engineering

                                      LCCC - Laramie County Campus


Cheryl Veggian, Biology/Biological Science Education

Central Wyoming College


JustinWood picture     Justin Wood, Mechanical Engineering

                                      NWCCD - Sheridan College


AlexYoung picture     Alex Young, Chemical Engineering

                                      NWCCD - Sheridan College




Casey Jaeger    Casey Jaeger, Civil Engineering, Sheridan College  

Elena Monteleone    Elena Monteleone, Mathematics, Western Wyoming College

Garrett Point    Garrett Point, Wildlife & Fisheries Bilogy, Sheridan College

Alex Price    Alex Price, Electrical Engineering, Western Wyoming College

Shana Wolff    Shana Wolff, Geology/Chemistry, Laramie County Community College




Burton Andreen, Civil Engineering, Casper College

Jesse Creel, Civil Engineering, Casper College

Sabrina Forbis, Engineering, Central Wyoming College

Brian Hedrick, Civil Engineering, Northwest College

Christopher Quillen, Chemical Engineering, Eastern Wyoming College



Donovan Buckman Donovan Buckman, Engineering, Sheridan College

Michael Hautala Michael Hautala, Engineering, Western Wyoming Community College

Morgan Hespe Morgan Hespe, Engineering, Casper College

Everett Koelling Everett Koelling, Engineering, Northwest Wyoming College

Kaitlin McDaniel Kaitlin McDaniel, Molecular/Cell Biology, Northwest Wyoming College

Corey Saner Corey Saner, Mechanical Engineering, Western Wyoming Community College


Patricia Gunderson, Engineering, Casper College

Sean King Sean King, Mechanical Engineering, Casper College

Leith Sheets Leith Sheets, Civil Engineering, Western Wyoming Community College

Jordan Tolman Jordan Tolman, Electrical Engineering, Northwest Wyoming College


Adam Crooks Adam Crooks, Chemistry/Mathematics, Northwest Wyoming College

David Dixon David Dixon, Pharmacy, Sheridan College

Robert Huguez Robert Huguez, Molecular Biology, Casper College

Caitlen Rode Caitlen Rode, Biology, Western Wyoming Community College


  • Joe Buss - Central Wyoming College - Computer Engineering - Riverton, WY
  • Chris Eyre - Central Wyoming College - Electrical Engineering/Computer Science - Lyman, WY
  • Jennifer Harris - Central Wyoming College - Microbiology - Lander, WY
  • Travis Kinney - Western Wyoming - Computer Science - Green River, WY
  • Benjamin Marsh - Northwest College - Mechanical Engineering/Management - Laramie, WY
  • Brian Moler - LCCC Laramie - Electrical Engineering/Math/Statistics - Cheyenne, WY


  • Zachary Gutierrez - Casper College - Mechanical Engineering - Glenrock, WY
  • Joslyn Hiett - LCCC Laramie County - Molecular Biology - Cheyenne, WY
  • Christer Karlsson - Casper College - Math - Casper, WY
  • Chiwah Lam - Eastern Wyoming College - Molecular Biology - Torrington, WY


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