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Funding for K-12 STEM Educator Development


Funding (~$500) is available for educator professional development, which can include attending workshops or seminars, purchasing materials for use in the classroom or out-of-school educational settings, continuing education, and other related activities.

Applications are accepted at any time. An application consists of a short document (about 1 page) including the following:

  • Description of the activity, including the science content and benefit to the teacher, school, or organization
  • If asking for support to attend a workshop, please include the following:
    • Name and affiliation of the proposed workshop
    • Approximate date of the workshop
    • Proposed venue
    • Brief description of the workshop
    • Target audience for the workshop (i.e., K-12 science teachers, general public, combination of both, etc.)
    • A short justification of attending the workshop
  • Summary of the total anticipated budget and the amount requested from the WSGC

Email the above information to:

Follow-up for funded events:

The organizers of any event receiving WSGC funding through this program are asked to submit a "Funded Event Form" as soon as possible after the event takes place. Please submit the form by e-mail to

Forms: College level program and Pre-college program


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