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Wyoming's NASA Educator Resource Center

NASA Educator Resource Centers are located in every state at NASA Field Centers, museums, colleges, or other nonprofit organizations. The ERC provides educators with in-service and pre-service training, demonstrations, and access to NASA instructional products.  Wyoming's NASA Educator Resource Center is a branch of the University of Wyoming Library System and is located in the Learning Resources Center in the UW Lab School - Education Building on the UW Campus.

NASA materials are available for a wide range of age/educational levels. Intended grade level for each resource is identified. Materials are available for K-12 and for college-level learners. NASA educational materials are developed with the National Science Standards in mind.

Resources available to Wyoming educators include:

These services are available at very low to no cost to Wyoming educators.

To locate NASA materials that might meet your needs - search NASA's database of educational materials at: or


Search the University of Wyoming Library System or view our list of Wyoming resources.

To find out whether these materials are available from the Wyoming ERC and to obtain materials by mail contact:




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