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Wyoming NASA Space Grant High-Altitude Balloon Satellite Program


Wyoming NASA Space Grant is starting a high-altituted balloon satellite program for K-12 teachers and students and community college faculty and students in Wyoming.  We hope to include participants from around the state and from all ages.  We will have an annual teacher webinar and launch with six scientific payloads.  We willl be accepting payload proposals soon, so start thinking of ideas!  We are also planning to put together a BalloonSat Space Trunk, which individual schools will be able to check out.  You can contact our office for more information.

Proposal Instructions

Please include the following:

  • Team and School Name
  • Participants
  • Description of the planned experiment and payload
    • Hypothesis and predictions
    • Experiments to perform
    • Materials and methods (must meet payload requirements)
    • How you will interpret data
    • How you will present data (poster, presentation, paper, YouTube video, etc.

Email the above information to:

Payload Requirements

Wyoming NASA Space Grant will send payload boxes to teams for their experiment.  We will also send a suite of sensors with the payload that can be used.  The following is a list of equipment we will send and requirements for the payload.  Please make sure your experiment meets the requirements.

  • Included equipment:

    • Payload box w/ harness: 8" x 6" x 4.25" (internal dimensions)

    • Sensors and sensor module: 2 temperature, 1 humidity, 1 pressure sensor

    • Camera: HD Contour video camera w/ micro SD card and USB charger

    • *Sensors, module, and camera will need to be returned after launch

  • Requirements:

    • Weight: Maximum 2 lbs. (32 oz.)

    • Approximate weight of included equipment:

      • Box + harness = 8.3 oz.

      • Camera = 5.1 oz.

      • Sensors + module = 5.3 oz.

    • Ensure cameras and experiments can be easily turned on before launch

    • Keep camera and experiments out of harness area

    • All experiments and objects must be secured tightly inside the payload box or to the outside of the payload box

      • Can use zip ties, duct tape, or similar to secure items in box

      • You can make holes in the payload box

    • You may decorate your box any way you like


The first Wyoming NASA Space Grant launch was on May 3-4, 2013 in Laramie, WY.  Six teams were chosen to fly payloads on the launch.  The outline of the two day program was:

  • May 3 - Teacher workshop and student lab tours in the afternoon

  • May 4 - Payload inspection, launch, chase, and recovery

For questions or more information, please email:


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