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AstroCamp: Journey to the Stars


The University of Wyoming is host to one of 20 ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camps.  Forty-eight campers will be selected to learn about science, math, and engineering.  They will observe the universe with professional telescopes, study astronomical images on computers, contruct scientific spectrographs to identify chemical elements, and build and launch model rockets.  Activities will be led by professional astronomers, college students, and high school science teachers.

 This FREE 10-day residential, on-campus science camp is open to all students residing in Wyoming.  Additionally, the camp is open to students residing in the following counties:  Western Nebraska, Northern Colorado, and Western South Dakota.  Students who will be entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grade in the Fall are encouraged to apply.  Participants  from previous camps and immediate family members of ExxonMobil employees are not eligible to apply.


Teachers/Couselors needed:  The summer science camp is also looking for Middle- or High-School teachers to lead, supervise, and design student activities and curriculum (stipends are available). Send a resume and a page describing your interest and experience in science education and working with youth.  Please include contact information for two references (employers, teachers, etc.).  Applications can be submitted to Professor Chip Kobulnicky at  Selection will begin in mid-January and applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.





Casper Planetarium Astronomy Camp and Workshop

In these classes students will discover the wonders of our universe while performing hands-on experiments here on earth.  Classes give students the opportunity to observe astronomical phenomena and build understanding through personal experience. Classes will also enrich students' experience through reading, mathematics, art and music.  Each student will receive an astronomy book at the completion of the class. Classes are held at the Casper Planetarium. Various classes are available in the summer covering ages 5-12.

For teachers the Astronomy Workshop to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and science at the 4-8 grade levels by improving teacher skills. In order to effectively teach science, teachers must have theoretical and practical knowledge about science learning and teaching.  Pre-service teachers are exposed to activities that integrate inquiry, mathematics, and statistics with hands on astronomy. Participants review current research pertaining to best practices in science education and develop 2-5 classroom activities to align with research and education standards. The pre-service teachers work to develop activities that will stimulate student inquiry and help students seek answers following the principles of the scientific method. Developed activities are evaluated and tested with students enrolled in the Astronomy Camp for Kids program offered by the Casper Planetarium. Copies of developed activities are kept at the Casper Planetarium and made available to educators. 


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